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An AdminToGo!
Virtual Assistant provides administrative support services electronically from a remote office using email, fax, telephone and floppy disks. A Virtual Assistant works primarily with small and home-based business owners who have grown to the point of needing an outside source for their administrative support tasks. Students also benefit from VA services for help with research, reports, and term papers.

Is a Virtual Assistant right for you? If you....

.....are too busy to take care of all the details
.....have no room for an office assistant
.....only need part-time
help or have a one-time project
.....don't want the added expense of an employee

and... you could use help you with any of these tasks...

then, a Virtual Assistant can help.

Whether you are across town or thousands of miles away, AdminToGo! will put our office skills and technology together and make them work for you!


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